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Ruby Joint Stabilization System

While many people feel that a geometry-changing surgery, like the TTA, is the "gold standard" for repairing torn cruciate ligaments, the majority of repairs in the US are done with some variety of Extra Capsular Repairs.  Various materials have been used over the years with various ways to attach these fibers to the bones.  However, even the strongest nylon will rub against the bone or the bone anchors and break within a matter of weeks!  A recent modification, called the Tight Rope System® has not made any improvement, as the complex material in this system also has been shown to break down in about 5-6 weeks from friction. When these systems go on to fail, the result is moderate to severe arthritis, with a decreased range of motion and possibly long-term pain.

Ruby Joint StabilizationNow, after 8 years of research and development,  Kyon, the inventors of the TTA system, have released a new surgical stabilization which may prove to be a "game changer".  This new system utilizes a new fiber system and a unique attachment to bone.  The fibers are made of Dyneema®, which is extremely strong, does not stretch, and is extremely slippery.  The bone anchors are made of TAN (Titanium Aluminum Niobium), which is optimal for the ingrowth of bone.  Additionally, there is a polished ruby insert where the Dyneema® fibers exit the bone anchor to reduce friction to almost zero.  This all adds up to a fixation that, hopefully, will last for many years.


Dr. Neuman is one of only a handful of surgeons across the US that has
been trained to use this system.  At present, this system is only available
for medium size dogs.
 For smaller or larger dogs, the TTA, the TTA-2,
and the Mini TTA procedures are our "go-to" surgeries.

St. Charles Animal Hospital